Welcome to the UCC Faculty Resources Page!

Faculty play a huge role in making sure students have the materials they need, when they need them. There are many ways faculty can serve students when considering and adopting materials:

  •          Submit adoptions on time
  •     Re-adopt the same textbook for the life of the edition
  •          Avoid submitting late adoptions or making changes to already submitted adoptions (aside from inconveniencing the student, this can result in significant charges to departments)
  •          Know how much your book/materials will cost the student
  •          Explore custom texts
  •          Only adopt what you’ll be using for the course; if you adopt a bundle, use all the components
  •          If you’re class is online, consider creating a coursepack
  •          Utilize your text and other materials, reinforcing the value of these resources
  •          Ensure materials are available in the store to maximize payment options
  •          Give the store staff sufficient notice when you are considering changing to a new text

The above tips can also help keep the cost of textbooks down. The campus store assists in keeping pricing down on texts by:

  •          Forming relationships with used wholesalers and aggressively sourcing used books
  •      Buying texts from students
  •          Offering alternative formats, such as e-books and loose-leaf, to students and faculty
  •          Researching pricing and availability of textbooks for faculty
  •          Partnering with faculty to determine if there are lower-priced alternatives
  •          Encouraging students to provide textbook and course material feedback to faculty
  •          Connecting faculty to sources who can help provide custom materials
  •     Please see the Campus Store Academic Calendar for Adoption dates and deadlines

We hope this page answers any questions that may come up during the adoption process or while you consider materials for coming terms.


The UCC Campus Store uses Verba to collect adoptions. This is an online tool that streamlines the adoption process. (We need your email address and full name, class you are teaching and CRN number to add you to Verba in order for you to have access to sumbit your adoption)You will receive a link in your email when it's time to submit adoptions. Department heads are usually the reviewers and need to approve your adoptions in Verba. 

Submitting adoptions in a timely manner is important for several reasons. Mainly it allows the bookstore to source as many used books as possible, which students tell us every term is how they want their materials. In order to remain 100% compliant with the HEOA of 2008 and Oregon HB 2871, textbook and course material information needs to be available to students when registration opens for the coming term. We understand that texts and materials can be expensive, but we encourage faculty to remember that not all students can, or want to, purchase materials elsewhere.

Don't forget you can double-check your adoption and course information once it is posted on our website. This is an easy way to verify the information without having to make a trip to the bookstore--though we'd love to see you! 



The UCC Campus Store conducts book buyback Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of finals week. Students are paid in cash. We buy books based on need and condition. Loose-leaf books packaged in one of our unique buyback binders are eligible for buyback. We do not guarantee that we will buy books at buyback. We also purchase for various wholesalers and we encourage students to bring any and all books to buyback.

We are working on offering an online buyback year-round. This will be helpful to students who miss the buyback on campus or who are located outside of the area.


Textbook and Course Material Returns

You can refer to our complete return policy under the “Policies” tab, but in a nutshell, students have through the first week of the term to return their materials. Textbooks and materials are only returnable if the student has dropped the class.


Financial Aid

Students are able to charge against their financial aid in the bookstore, beginning the Monday after finals week and through the first week of the coming term. 


We strongly encourage faculty to adopt all materials, including supplies, you want students to have during the first week of the term. This will ensure we have them in stock for students and your students will have all they need on day one.


Open Education Resources (OER)

Many faculty members are opting to use OERs and other free/low-cost materials to save students money and encourage enrollment. Be sure to adopt these materials as you would any other textbook or course material.

We work with Montezuma Publishing out of San Diego State University to help faculty get print copies of OER and free/low-cost materials on the shelf. Several UCC faculty members have worked with Montezuma to create low-cost print versions of otherwise free materials. This is a great way to offer students materials at a reasonable price while continuing to support UCC’s general fund.


Copyright Clearance

The UCC Campus Store recommends that faculty understand copyright law.  The bookstore and the library can both help you with copyright clearance. If you are creating a coursepack with Montezuma, they can assist with copyright clearance as well. All course-packs sold through the bookstore must have proper attribution and copyright notes. The college can be fined for copyright violation if non-compliant course materials are used.


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