SELL your books at the Campus Store for cash!

The next textbook buyback will be in June 12th to 14th, in-store from 9am to 3pm.  Follow our FaceBook page for more details!


 The UCC Campus Store advises students to preview used texts before purchasing them. We do our best to ensure only quality used texts reach the shelves, but sometimes we miss a few.


Did you miss the buyback? Sell your books online:

Reduce the net cost of your textbooks and supply next term students with used books by selling yours back! The Campus Store pays cash for your new and used books according to the Book Buyback guidelines listed below.

Books are purchased based on instructor orders and requirements. If you find that you are not using your book in class, be sure to let your instructor know and fill out the end-of-term course evaluation. 

The following guidelines will help ensure you get the most out of your books at buyback:

1. Book must be in good condition, as determined by the Book Buyer.

a. Cover, binding and pages must not be substantively damaged and/or missing.

b. Any inserts, including discs, must be included.

c. Keep highlighting and notations to a minimum.

d. Books with water damage will not be bought back.

2. Book must be adopted for the next term and the store must need additional inventory.

3. Books not needed for the upcoming term may be bought at a national wholesale price.

4. Bring books from any term and any school! We also buy for wholesalers and they often buy books the UCC Bookstore does not buy or even use.

5. Be aware that old editions rarely have buyback value.

6. International editions, free copies, instructor's edition, and counterfeit texts have no value at buyback.

Be advised that there are no guarantees that the Book Buyer will buy back your book. When the UCC Bookstore's quota is met, the wholesale value will be offered, if one exists. Purchasing materials from the UCC Bookstore does not guarantee buyback.